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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is now offered at our Midland location serving Penetanguishene, Midland, Tiny, Tay and surrounding areas. This alternative health care option focuses on soft tissue and joints and is an effective, evidenced ased approach to pain prevention, management and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions. Our registered massage therapist uses a variety of hands-on techniques to manipulate tissue and joints in order to develop, maintain and improve your health and wellness. 

Evidence suggests massage therapy is helpful at alleviating stress, pain, muscle tension, increasing relaxation, promoting flow of blood lymph and decreasing anxiety and depression. 


Registered Massage Therapists are educated and trained to accurately assess and treat with a variety of techniques that include massage, manual therapy, hydrotherapy (heat), joint mobilizations, and rehabilitative exercises such as stretching, strengthening, postural exercise and patient education.

What are the Costs of Massage Therapy?
2023 03-Georgian-Sports-Portraits-001.jpg

  • 30 min Massage Therapy Treatment $70 + HST

  • 45 min Massage Therapy Treatment $90 + HST

  • 60 min Massage Therapy Treatment $100 + HST

  • 90 min Massage Therapy Treatment $145 + HST

  • *Parafin Wax Treatments Add $5.00 + HST

*Covered by most private health insurance plans*

We require 24 hours notice for all appointment cancellations. Canceled appointments with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a 50% charge.

How Long of a Treatment is Recommended for Me?

If this is your first time visiting our clinic, we recommend booking an hour-long treatment. This will give us sufficient time to discuss any aches and pains you may be experiencing, complete an initial assessment, and provide treatment as well. 


30 minute treatments give us enough time to provide a focused treatment on one specific area. For example, if you are experiencing tension headaches from having very tight neck and shoulders; 30 minutes would be enough time. If you also wanted to address something else, such as lower back pain we recommend opting for a longer treatment time. This allows us to properly treat each area without rushing your treatment.


60 and 90 minute treatments are great for addressing multiple problem areas, primary injuries as well as compensating structures.

Do we Offer Pregnancy Massage at our Clinic?

Yes, we do! Our pregnancy pillow allows you to lay on your stomach during your treatment, keeping you and your baby safe and comfortable.


Prenatal Massage Therapy can 

  • Alleviate sciatic pain, round ligament pain, and tension headaches

  • Decrease stress, muscle tension, and swelling

  • Relieve cramping, back pain and achy feet

Types of Massage Therapy Delivered

We offer both wellness and impairment massages that include, but are not limited to, the following:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Immune/Lymphatic System


Injury Prevention

Muscle Tension



Scar Tissue


Sports Injuries


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Neuromuscular Disorders

Book today to try out our Massage Therapy services! We can't wait to help you understand and improve your overall health!
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