How does Custom Bracing Work?

Custom bracing is used to create a device that is customized to your affected body part. We have trained staff members that will accurately measure and fit you with the proper brace. These custom brace measurements are then sent off to the company where they are built and shipped to us within about 2 weeks. 

When do I get a Custom Brace?

Custom Brace fitting

Usually custom braces are prescribed by either your family doctor, Dr. Jones or your health care provider. 

We offer custom knee braces as well as custom hip braces for patients suffering from pain associated with;

  • Hip osteoarthritis (OA) on either side (pre-surgical)

  • Medial or lateral OA of the knee joint

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL tears/injuries 

  • Patellar injuries 

Talk to your doctor or health care provider to see if they think custom bracing might be the best option for you. 

How does a Custom Brace Improve my Injury?

These types of braces are useful in helping provide stability and support in the affected areas as well as decreasing pain levels. They are helpful for non-athletes as well as athletes to get you back to your regular lifestyle. They can build your confidence back whether you are trying to get back into your sport or getting back to walking and enjoying life. 

Custom knee brace


Bracing prices are a grand total of $1650.00. These braces are usually covered by your health insurance as well and a letter can be created to send to check this coverage as well.