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What is Chiropody?

Chiropodist (“ker-ah-po-dist”) is the term for “foot specialist” in Ontario. Under the Ontario Chiropody Act, Chiropody is defined as “the assessment of the foot, and the treatment and prevention of diseases disorders or dysfunctions of the foot by therapeutic, orthotic or palliative means.” Foot pain is never normal. Let us help you get back to healthy, happy steps!

Full services list: Custom Orthotics, Foot & Heel Pain, Ingrown Toenails, Plantar Warts, Toenail Fungus, Bunions / Hammer Toes, Orthopedic Footwear, Diabetes Foot Assessments & Routine Foot Care/Education, Corns & Callus, Wound Care, Compression Socks, Flat Feet, High Arches, Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT), Corticosteroid Injection, Soft-tissue Surgery, Pediatric Care/Education. 

Custom Orthotics:

A custom-made orthotic is a prescribed corrective removable device that is placed in the shoes to hold the foot in its proper position to optimize joint, muscle, and ligament function. This allows the foot and lower leg to move more efficiently, therefore eliminating foot and lower leg pain and pathology (ex. plantar fasciitis, heel spur, bunions, hammertoes, callus, arthritis, shin splints, runner’s knee, back pain, etc.)

Custom orthotics are made from plaster or 3D casts of your feet, after a biomechanical examination, stance and gait analysis by a chiropodist.


Research shows that custom orthotics can also make you run faster, increase performance, endurance and even overall strength. Studies also show that overweight individuals have extreme benefits from wearing orthotics, as it decreases stress applied to the ligaments of the feet.


Orthotics are custom made for your individual needs, and different materials (soft & hard), styles, shapes, and corrections have different uses (examples include sports, walking, offloading wounds, etc.)


Chiropodists/Podiatrists have the highest level of standards of practice to ensure that the public receives legitimate prescription custom foot orthotics. Physicians and Chiropodists/Podiatrists are the only professionals in Ontario specifically licensed to prescribe custom orthotics.

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Foot & Heel Pain: 


Sports medicine approach to Ankle Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Big Toe Joint Pain, Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, Arthritis, etc.

Using various modalities such as Shockwave Therapy, Custom Orthotics, FMT, Taping, Footwear, Strengthening/Stretching Programs, etc.

Ingrown Toenails: 


Ingrown toenails are not normal they can cause a lot of pain and infection. 


Conservative management, discrete bracing, and surgical permanent fix options are available for stubborn ingrown toenails. Sterile instruments, and local anesthetic (freezing) always available. 



Plantar Warts: 


Warts (verruca) are caused by Human Papilloma Virus and can spread to other areas of the body as well as other people. Avoid touching them with your hands. It is advised to treat warts immediately before spreading or becoming more resistant. There are a variety of treatment methods ranging from conservative topicals to surgical removal.

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