What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a patient-centred, non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health care profession focused on your spine, muscles,  joints and nervous system.

Chiropractors use the best available evidence and clinical expertise to diagnose issues that affect your body’s movement. They treat them without medication or surgery and prevent them from returning. Chiropractic care can also promote health and improve your quality of life, as well as alleviate pain.

Doctors of chiropractic, called ‘chiropractors’ are spine, muscle, joint and nervous system experts. Every chiropractor receives at least six to seven years of post-secondary academic and clinical education. They are trained in how to evaluate, diagnose, recommend and deliver a treatment plan that manages issues within these systems, according to your preferences. A chiropractor’s education also includes courses in radiology, pain management, prescribed exercise and rehabilitation, among others.
Some chiropractors also pursue additional academic and practical education to specialize in other areas, including: clinical sciences and diagnostic imaging, pediatric, rehabilitation, spinal stenosis, sports sciences and animal chiropractic care.
Each chiropractor is uniquely qualified to evaluate your condition and identify what’s causing your pain.

Based on the best available evidence, combined with their clinical expertise, your chiropractor will then work with you to determine the best treatment to relieve your pain. They will also help prevent it from returning and restore your mobility.
Some of the conditions chiropractors treat include:
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Strains
• Sprains
• Pain associated with arthritis
• Work and sports injuries

What is the cost of a Chiropractic appointment? 

Chiropractic Initial Assessment (First time) - $150 (Assessment -$95 and Treatment - $55)

Chiropractic Treatment Session - $55

Chiropractic Reassessment - $95 (Assessment $40 and Treatment $55)

*Covered by most private health insurance plans/companies*


How can Chiropractic Care help me with my overall health?

You may want to visit a chiropractor at various times throughout your life. A chiropractor can alleviate long-term or sporadic pain, promote health and help you live your best life.

Whether we’re at home, work or out and about, daily living puts strain on our bodies. As a result, you may suffer from persistent headaches, migraines, back, neck or joint pain. You may also have this type of pain due to an injury, accident, illness or long-term condition.
Taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may temporarily alleviate your symptoms but may not address the underlying cause. 
Using primarily their hands, your chiropractor will treat these issues without medication or surgery and help prevent them from returning. But you don’t have to have an issue or be in persistent pain to visit a chiropractor.  They can help you at many other times.

Visit a chiropractor for pain…

For Example…

In your low back or pelvis
Chiropractors are most sought after to treat low back pain — be it short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic).  If you experience back pain that lasts for more than a few days, consult a chiropractor for an assessment.

In your neck
You may have neck pain due to tension, strain or an injury. A chiropractor can help. Your chiropractor will assess, diagnose and work with you to develop a treatment plan, which may include manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercises or modalities.

In your hip, knee, ankle or foot
Chiropractors are joint, as well as spine and muscle experts. They can assess, diagnose what’s causing your hip, ankle or foot pain and work with you to develop a treatment plan to alleviate it and get you back on your feet.

In your head
Sometimes a neck-based issue can create what’s called a ‘cervicogenic headache’. Other headache types include tension headaches and migraines. Either way, a chiropractor can help. Evidence demonstrates that chiropractic care can effectively treat neck-based (cervicogenic) and tension-type headaches and also decrease the intensity, as well as the frequency.

In your shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand.
Chiropractors are joint, as well as spine and muscle experts. They can assess, diagnose what’s causing your shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand pain and work with you to develop a treatment plan to alleviate it and get you back to enjoying your daily activities.

Due to arthritis, diabetes or other chronic conditions
Chronic conditions often come with back, neck or shoulder pain, as well as stiffness, which can prevent you from getting the exercise you need. Your chiropractor can work with the health care professionals in your circle of care to address the additional spine, muscle, joint pain you may experience with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Due to spinal stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a condition where the spaces within your spine narrow, which puts pressure on the nerves travelling through it and creates searing pain. You need help and often surgery is not the answer but a chiropractic treatment plan with varied manual therapies and a therapeutic exercise plan is.

Visit a chiropractor to live your best life…

To improve your flexibility, mobility or posture
You don’t have to be in persistent or long-term pain to visit a chiropractor. Many adults visit chiropractors to alleviate sporadic pain, reduce their risk of injuries or improve their flexibility, mobility and posture so they can live their best life.

To improve your athletic performance
Chiropractic treatments, such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, can help optimize your performance. They can also help prevent injuries and if they do occur, reduce your healing time. And during a game or practice, a chiropractor can provide immediate care to assess and manage sprains to concussions.